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How It Works

How to Activate Your Blend Kit?

Your self-activation of Blend’s kit is what ensures you maximum potency in your skincare treatment.

After mixing and applying your self-formulated product for the first time, we are positive that you will relish the look and feel the magic it works on your skin. And, as shown in the adjacent video and below user’s guide, activating your own personal skincare treatment is easy, not to mention worth the enhanced freshness and potency it adds to your skincare regimen.
Blend User’s Guide and Mixing Instructions
Step 1
Remove the larger Base Cream jar, along with the separate Active Ingredients.
Place all on a smooth, clean surface.
Please note: The mini jars are the Active Ingredients and are labeled on their bottom.
Step 2
One by one, pour in and then mix each Active Ingredient separately into your Base Cream. Use the provided bamboo spoon. As the LAST Active Ingredient, pour & mix the Essential Oil labeled with “MIX LAST”.
Please note: The Essential Oil affects your Blend cream’s scent. For a stronger scent, feel free to use the entire bottle. For an entirely neutral, odorless scent, please skip this final mix.
Step 3
Mix all ingredients slowly and thoroughly until all are fully absorbed.
Step 4
Securely seal your mix and allow all ingredients to incorporate and settle for no less than 10 minutes.
Step 5
Enjoy your self treatment benefits of freshness, purity and potency! Store in a cool and dry place.
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