Store-bought and online skincare formulas contain ingredients that deliver skin enhancing promises that are compromised by excessive storage times that chemically alter and degrade the overall quality of the product.

Activate your Blend treatment at home and benefit from the one of a kind treatment that will keep your skin youthful and healthy looking.

Unlike Anything
You Have
Experienced Before

By activating Blend at home, you don’t have to worry about active-ingredient degradation of 50 percent or more caused by the long storage times. Be confident that your skincare treatment provides maximum freshness & potency for longer lasting & younger looking results.


Blend was invented following thorough research done by professionals from world accredited institutions including MIT.

Key Benefits of Using Blend
With Blend’s unique skincare ingredients mixed and activated at your home, the maximum potency of your product is guaranteed.
Blend eliminates long storage and shelf time, which guarantees freshness and prevents microbial contamination and toxin build-up that can ensue with pre-mix formulations
Blend base creams and active ingredients are produced in France, which has the highest product manufacturing standards in the cosmetics industry.

Made In France

Blend ingredients are sourced from a bio-graded facility in France, which holds cosmetic makers to the highest standard

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