How Fresh Are Your Skin Creams?

Did you know that skincare products you purchase online or at retail stores are typically stored for up to a year before customer purchase and usage?

That long storage period may prove detrimental to the potency of your skincare products, as research has shown that lag time between initial factory mixing and customer usage results in product degradation. In fact, with active-ingredient degradation of 50 percent or more within just a couple of short months, many skincare products have likely lost much potency by the time you buy them.

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Activation Starts at Home

With Blend you can now activate your own skin treatment at home, offering you the freshest possible product that can be applied to your skin. With Blend you don’t have to worry about shelf-life degradation and be confident that your skincare product provides maximum potency.

Key Benefits of Using Blend
Active ingredients are mixed and activated at home, product maximum potency is guaranteed.
Eliminate long storage and shelf time, guarantee freshness and prevent microbial contamination and toxin build-up that can ensue with pre-mixed formulations.
Blend base creams and active ingredients are produced in France, which has the highest product manufacturing standards in the cosmetics industry.

Made In France

Blend ingredients are sourced from a bio-graded facility in France, which holds cosmetic makers to the highest standard

The Minds Behind Blend

With first-hand experience addressing skincare product recalls and customer concerns about product freshness and efficacy, Assif and Joseph began studying skincare product ingredients, shelf-life potency, and other factors that might degrade or otherwise compromise the products they were selling.

As they came across studies and other evidence pointing to the limitations of pre-mixed formulas, the concept for Blend started to gel. And now, after conducting more research into the skincare product ingredients and how they best “blend” with each other, Assif and Joseph have brought their concept to fruition and offer what they believe are the freshest and most potent face moisturizer and face serum available.

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