DIY: The Ultimate At-Home Custom Cream Blending Experience

We’ve all heard the fabulous stories of retail and online skincare products with game-changing ingredients that enhance and revive the skin. Most of these creams lose efficacy, with ingredients expiring and chemically altered from excessive storage times degrading product quality.

Blend is the ideal customizable at-home skincare solution, with the unique ability for users to control quality with exceptionally pure and fresh ingredients. Experience youthful and healthy-looking skin, your way. Blend.

Unlike Any Face Cream Experienced Before

Did you know that 50% or more of active-ingredient quality degradation is due to prolonged shelf-time?

Eliminate all and any worries about skincare product expiration time and degradation of active ingredients, with Blend. Skincare routines and treatment provide maximal freshness with potent, pure ingredients and our passion for customers gaining younger, glowing and truly enhanced skin.

Take your skincare routine up a notch and discover skincare that lasts longer, feels fabulous, so your skin looks fresher than ever before.

Scientific Methodology:
Developed With Research and Expertise

Blend was developed with the research of science and experts from leading accredited academic and polytechnic institutions, including MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

One of the innovative minds behind the scientific research of Blend.

James J. Kowalczyk

PhD in Organic Chemistry, M.I.T
Key Benefits of Using Blend
Use It & Feel Results - It’s More Than What You See
Potency: The Power of Purity At Its Finest
Empower yourself & your skin with Blend’s at-home skincare solution, for maximal product potency, freshness and results guaranteed.
Freshness With Innovation: Unmatched Skincare - Your Way, Our Product
Blend’s ultimate skincare solution prioritizes hygiene with unparalleled freshness. Prevent microbial contamination and toxin build-up from pre-made products, and get the freshest ingredients and skin with Blend.
Quality Delivers: Safe, Sexy & Smooth Skincare You Need & Want
Produced in Europe’s leading cosmetic and skincare capital, Blend is made in France and meets manufacturing regulations and the highest production standards. Enjoy safe, clean, and smooth skincare designed by us, made by you anywhere.

Made In France

A Slice of European Quality in Your Skincare Routine

Sourced from a reliable, regulated bio-graded facility in France, Blend ingredients are of the finest standards and quality, brought to us with vigilant supervision and adherence to compliance and production regulations, manufacturing protocol and laws.

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