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Dedicated to Delivering You Active Ingredients with Maximum Freshness & Potency

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Joseph & Assif established Vitality26 with a goal of delivering the world’s freshest and most potent skincare products. Using innovation and technology, they have successfully designed the means for doing so.

Their dedicated work represents a new paradigm in skincare that surmounts the inherent limitations in pre-mixed skincare products that can result in degradation, microbial contamination, and toxin formation. By mixing the active ingredients in the comfort of your home, you limit the chemical reactions that degrade on-the-shelf products during their typical lengthy storage times.

Dedicated to Delivering You Active Ingredients with Maximum Freshness & Potency

Self activate for the freshest available skincare product
Reduce toxins and microbial contamination caused by long shelf or storage time
Ensures utilization of 100% ingredient potency
Create formulas that meet your distinct skincare needs
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The Finest Ingredients

Vitality26 sources all ingredients used for Blend from a bio-graded facility in France, a country known for the highest standards in the cosmetics industry.

A Message from Vitality26 Founders

« Prior to launching Blend, we sold pre-mixed formulations and had first-hand experience addressing product recalls and customer concerns related to product freshness and efficacy. We believe that with Blend, through our collective hard work and dedication we have addressed these concerns. Once you try one of our unique skin treatments we trust you will feel the difference. All the best to you and your fresh skin. »

Assif & Joseph