The Blend Story: Fresh & Fun Skincare,
with Fast Results

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Unmatched Freshness & Potency From The Finest Quality Ingredients

Inspired by the dilemma women face of using high end skincare products that expire sooner than you know or expect, Blend was born out of a drive and passion that founders Joseph and Assif had for bringing the freshest possible skincare product to women everywhere. Both Joseph and Assif never lost sight of the main challenge and problem cosmetic skincare buyers faced for years: getting effective, visible results fast with the freshest possible cream.

Why Blend Is So Much More Than Just a Cream You Make On Your Own

Your Skin Matters

Pre-made creams have limited shelf-life. Many buyers are unaware that active ingredients degrade and lose potency even before use.

Joseph and Assif, Founders of Blend, had to develop a cream like no other - one empowering buyers with quality control and freshness with a DIY twist. Ingredients of each kit would include a set of fine quality components sourced from France, a leader in compliance and manufacturing regulations.

Blend kits provide a unique cream that’s redefining fresh skincare.

The Team: Why We Love What We Do & Why We Do It Best

Blend is truly a unique product that was created to make skincare accessible, clean, easy to control and mix for optimal freshness.

We bring the best of innovation and technology to skincare cosmetics with outstanding quality ingredients, careful and compliant production, and a luxury cream that leaves your skin feeling freshest.

Our experts’ work represents a new paradigm in skincare that overcomes inherent limitations of pre-mixed skincare products, eliminating degradation, microbial contamination, and toxin formation. Mixing the active ingredients in the comfort of your home limits chemical reactions and maximizes freshness and sterility.

Dedicated to Delivering Active Ingredients with Maximal Freshness & Potency

Blend sources ingredients to provide the freshest skincare product, made your way with you in mind.

Reduce toxins and microbial contamination caused by long shelf or storage time.

Ensures maximal utilization of ingredients for potency, unmatched value and visible results fast.

Create formulas that meet your distinct skin care needs with the finest and purest ingredients.


The Finest Ingredients:
Quality is of the essence

Vitality26, (the makers of Blend), sources ingredients from a bio-graded facility in France, an international leader in regulatory and manufacturing standards of the cosmetics industry.

We can’t emphasize enough how critically important quality assurance is to us. Blend delivers a hygienic, fresh, and fun skincare routine and experience, with a unique DIY twist.

A Message From Vitality26 Founders: The Hearts & Minds Behind Blend

Before Blend, we actually sold pre-mixed skincare formulations, coping with product recalls and customer concerns about freshness and efficacy first hand. We knew that skin care just had to be accessible, fresh and cost-effective without ever compromising quality.

Blend was then created to deliver the ultimate skincare experience to women everywhere, with intense collaborative team work and our mission at heart 24/7. We wish you the freshest, cleanest and healthiest skin.

Assif & Joseph