The Research

Recent research suggests that skincare products lose potency due to the lag time between initial factory mixing and customer opening and usage. It is caused by various chemical reactions triggered by the ingredients once in the mixed state. Degradation can be further accelerated by sub-standard storage conditions.


Degradation of Skincare Products is Common

Skin creams are semi-solid oil or water-based formulas mixed with active ingredients such as collagen, retinol, and vitamins. The initial factory mixture of these formulas creates the end product you eventually purchase, such as moisturizers, serums, anti-aging creams, and similar skincare products.

After they are mixed, they’re delivered to a warehouse, where they wait to be ordered by customers, which, in most cases can takes months or even years.

When any of these ingredients are mixed, they start to react to each other and go through chemical processes such as hydrolysis, oxidation, or otherwise affect each other’s PH levels. While the appearance of your product may seem unchanged, millions of molecules continually and actively interact with each other while sitting on the shelf or in the warehouse.

This means that over time, the ingredients in your product are going through various chemical processes that slowly decrease their effectiveness.

Overall, products can experience active-ingredient degradation of 50 percent or more within just a couple of short months. This is especially true with formulations containing vitamins, which are widely used as active ingredients in cosmetics due to their beneficial skin properties. While beneficial, some vitamins—such as vitamin A and C—are highly unstable and prone to rapid breakdown when mixed with other compounds.

Other ingredients may also be subject to degradation based on their chemical reactions with other ingredients. Not only do these reactions decrease potency, but can lead to the production of toxins.

Thus, the skincare product you buy at retail or order online may have lost much of its potency due to the amount of time in storage and/or on the shelf.


What You Need to Know About The Skincare Products You Have Been Purchasing

  • Skincare products you purchase now are stored in warehouses for up to a year before you use them.
  • The ingredients in your product react immediately to each other upon mixing, and over time degrade overall product potency and may produce toxins.
  • Ingredients start to break down upon the initial factory mixing.
  • Skincare products containing vitamins or essential oils may be subject to the most rapid degradation, given the instability of these ingredients.
  • Pre-mixed skincare products are at their highest effectiveness during the two months after mixing.
  • Cosmetic products are not regularly tested like pharmaceutical products, and products are regularly recalled from the market due to microbiological or chemical degradation.

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