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About Us

Vitality26, the makers of Blend, create pure, natural, and powerful
ready-to-mix cosmetics which help women look younger and feel good about themselves.

Leading Professionals

We are an international company of leading professionals in our fields: chemists, herbalists and masters of cosmetics production who share the belief that the most effective skincare products are made with organic, natural products of the highest standards.

Blend No.1 and Blend No.2 have been crafted using all our understanding and expertise to help your skin look noticeably younger, more hydrated, bright and full.

100% natural ingredients

By creating skin care products which the customer mixes and activates themselves, Blend addresses a key and overlooked issue in the cosmetics industry that skincare products are often stored in warehouses for up to a year before being shipped to you. Because of this, active ingredients such as retinol, collagen or vitamin A may have almost no effect by the time that you use them. Blend’s innovative approach remedies this problem by providing pure, natural ingredients separately and hermetically sealed. This means that when you mix and activate the 100% natural ingredients you benefit from all their goodness.

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