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7 Ingredients for YOUNGER Looking Skin

7 Ingredients for YOUNGER Looking Skin

If you’re plagued with signs of aging like dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, or age spots, you have come to the right place. If you’d like to reverse the hands of time and obtain younger looking skin, you have come to the right place! With Vitality26 younger looking skin is as easy as ABC. Or, well, in this case, it’s as easy as YOUNGER.

You! Only you can transform your skin from what it is to what it once was - or what you have always dreamed it to be. Nobody can make the decision to make a change for you; you are in charge of your destiny. Make your dreams of younger looking skin a reality by taking a chance on Vitality26. With our money back guarantee on all of Vitality26 products, you’ve really got nothing to lose.

Oils. Oils might not sound like a helpful beauty tool, but like everything else in this world there are good oils and bad oils. In 2014 Everyday Health released a list of ten oils that make your skin glow. Over half of these oils are found in one or more of our Vitality26 Skin Care Products. We have hand selected nature’s best oils to give your skin a natural (and younger!) looking glow. Learn more about the top ten oils for your skin here.

Unique. With thousands of skin care companies out there promising to give you younger looking skin, why should you choose Vitality26? #1: We are focused. Many of the skin care products on the shelves today are produced by companies who merely have a skin care line. At Vitality26, skin care is all we do. #2: Many skin care companies use parabens in their products. Parabens have been linked to hormone imbalances, so all of our products are paraben free. #3: Many consumers have to comb the list of ingredients on their skin care products, checking for allergens. We don’t think you should have to worry about your skin care products harming you, so all of ours are allergen free. #4: Many skin care companies prioritize profits above all else, even the well being of animals. At Vitality26 we never test on animals and are 100% cruelty free. As you can see, we truly are unique.

Natural. We believe the best things in life come from nature. Why use chemicals to manufacture something that nature has already perfectly created? Some of the super effective natural ingredients found in our quality products are avocado oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, algae extract, various vitamins, and natural oils. Don’t put ingredients on your skin that you can’t pronounce. You deserve better. You deserve the best nature can offer.

Gel. Our Skin Repair Eye Gel, soon to be listed for sale on Amazon, deflates swollen, puffy eyes that can make you look old and tired. At the same time, Vitamin A and E Liposomes in the gel fight circles and notorious bags, helping you regain your energetic radiance. The gel also smooths out wrinkles and fine lines, while at the same time preventing the appearance of more. Learn more here.

Exercise. Men and women who exercise frequently have been found to have firmer and more supple skin. Exercise literally slows the aging of cells, leaving your skin looking younger. Learn more here. If you’re exercising your body and not seeing the results on your face, try facercise!  Facial exercise guru Carole Maggio claims that doing a facial workout for just eight minutes a day can give you younger looking skin in under a week! Learn more here.

Regulations. Many skin care companies around the world skimp on quality to get away with more quantity. Vitality26 has facilities in France, where skin care regulations are stricter than other countries. We focus all of our energies on providing the highest quality skin care products with the highest quality organic ingredients. Our guidelines and regulations are high, so your expectations can be, too.

There you have it. The 7 ingredients to YOUNGER looking skin, all within your reach at Vitality26.

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