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The Best Foods for a Clear Complexion

The Best Foods for a Clear Complexion

When you speak to your dermatologist about what causes dry skin, acne, and other complexion problems, what you’re likely to discover is that what you eat can be just as important as the skincare products you use. Here are a few of the best foods to consume if you want a clear complexion and beautiful skin.

Vitamin C

This incredible nutrient, found in a slew of fresh fruits like citrus fruits, strawberries, and guava, and vegetables like red peppers, kale, and broccoli, is not only good for your immune system, but also for the health of your skin.

For starters, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body from free radicals that can lead to the formation of cancer. If you spend much time in the sun, you should not only wear sunblock, but ingest plenty of vitamin C.

In addition, vitamin C plays an important role in the formation of collagen, the main structural protein in skin and connective tissue in the body. Collagen production decreases with age, causing skin to wrinkle and sag.

In addition to getting vitamin C through your diet to improve collagen production, you should also use a product like Vitality26 Facial Serum containing ingredients that boost collagen and maintain and restore elasticity in skin.


People used to think that eating fatty foods was a sure way to promote acne, but this myth has been debunked (although touching your face after grabbing a greasy slice of pizza probably won’t do your skin any favors). In truth, healthy fats are an essential component of maintaining overall health and a glowing complexion.

Oily fish like salmon and tuna pack a double whammy of hydration and anti-aging properties. Omega-3 fatty acids help to hydrate skin and protect it by maintaining the integrity of cell membranes.

In addition, vitamin B-7, or biotin, is indicated for the health of skin, hair, and nails. If you suffer from a biotin deficiency, it will show in dry skin patches, and don’t forget that dry, flaky skin can clog pores and contribute to the formation of acne.

Adding fatty fish to your diet regularly can help to promote plump, healthy skin, especially when paired with wrinkle serums like Vitality26 Facial Serum that restores skin elasticity, and ultra-moisturizing day and night creams like Vitality26 Extra Hydrating Facial Cream.

Sweet Potatoes and Yams

It’s always better to reach for fresh produce instead of processed foods laden with sodium, sugar, and chemical additives and preservatives that are likely to wreak havoc on your body. Fresh fruits and veggies not only provide you with myriad nutrients, but also essential hydration. If you find yourself dealing with complexion problems like dry itchy skin, you can take a two-fold approach to the situation, healing skin both inside and out.

Sweet potatoes are part of a group of colorful produce (including mangoes, papaya, and carrots, as well as some leafy greens like spinach) that are bursting with carotenoids (a form of vitamin A). These can not only be converted into retinol in the body, but they have also been known to add color to the skin, contributing to a youthful flush.

It’s important to understand that the dose of retinol your body can produce and absorb from carotenoids is not nearly as great as what you’ll get from foods high in retinoids, including liver, eggs, and dairy products. This is why a balanced diet is so important, although you may also need a vitamin supplement to get adequate levels of this and other essential nutrients.

As for yams, you can certainly enjoy eating them, but you may see more benefit by appling them directly to skin. Better yet, look for products like Vitality26 Extra Hydrating Facial Cream that include Wild Yam Extract, a product prized for its anti-aging properties.

Complex Carbohydrates

Pasta, bread, and other processed foods containing white flour are certainly delicious, but they aren’t going to do much to help with the wrinkles under eyes. In fact, these products could actually be detrimental to healthy skin, increasing acne and other issues.

The good news is that there are healthy and satisfying alternatives. Complex carbs like beans, brown rice, and quinoa can easily replace your nightly pasta side.

Simple carbs contain sugar that reacts with hormones to trigger negative skin responses, including acne flare-ups. Complex carbohydrates provide your body with needed fiber and starch without the heavy dose of sugar, making them better for your overall health and reducing the potential for reactionary skin woes.

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